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Strong Parts – Versatile Materials

Stereolithography produces parts from liquid resins that are cured and solidified by UV light. SLA offers a variety of materials that are designed simulate standard engineering plastics. Because of its short layer heights and high tolerances,  SLA can produce parts with complex internal and external geometries. SLA is also great for small, highly detailed models. Parts have a smooth surface finish, making stereolithography ideal for cosmetic prototypes.

Surface: Light Ridges Detail: ■■■■■
Strength:■■■■ Price: ■■■■
 Build SizeLayer HeightResolutionTolerance
Standard20"x20"x21"0.005″1000 dpi±0.015″
HD25"x29"x21"0.002″4000 dpi±0.010″
sla 3d printed parts collection

Stereolithography Materials

Somos NeXt

Durable, impact-resistant material.

Tensile Strength6,100 psi42 Mpa
Tensile Modulus352,000 psi2,430 Mpa
Tensile Elongation9%9%
Flexural Strength10,100 psi69 Mpa
Flexural Modulus358.000 psi2,470 Mpa
Notched Impact0.94 ft-lb/in50 J/m
Shore Hardness82 Scale D82 Scale D
HDT @ 66 psi133 °F56 °C
HDT @ 264 psi122 °F50 °C


Highly accurate, humidity and temperature-resistant material.

Tensile Strength6,200 psi43 Mpa
Tensile Modulus326,000 psi2,250 Mpa
Tensile Elongation12%12%
Flexural Modulus299.000 psi2,060 Mpa
Notched Impact0.39 ft-lb/in21 J/m
Shore Hardness87 Scale D87 Scale D
HDT @ 66 psi205 °F96 °C

WaterClear Ultra

Transparent material, ideal for lenses and housings.

Tensile Strength8,100 psi46 Mpa
Tensile Modulus418,000 psi2,880 Mpa
Tensile Elongation8%8%
Flexural Strength12,200 psi84 Mpa
Flexural Modulus361.000 psi2,490 Mpa
Notched Impact0.47 ft-lb/in25 J/m
Shore Hardness87 Scale D87 Scale D
HDT @ 66 psi140 °F60 °C
HDT @ 264 psi122 °F50 °C

WaterShed XC

Highly accurate, transparent material

Tensile Strength7,300 psi50 Mpa
Tensile Modulus402,000 psi2,770 Mpa
Tensile Elongation16%16%
Flexural Strength10,000 psi69 Mpa
Flexural Modulus320.000 psi2,205 Mpa
Notched Impact0.47 ft-lb/in25 J/m
Shore Hardness
HDT @ 66 psi122 °F50 °C
HDT @ 264 psi120 °F49 °C

SC 1000

Low-cost material, ideal for large parts.

Tensile Strength7,758 psi53 Mpa
Tensile Modulus387,000 psi2,668 Mpa
Tensile Elongation8%8%
Flexural Strength12,010 psi83 Mpa
Flexural Modulus280.000 psi1,930 Mpa
Notched Impact0.35 ft-lb/in19 J/m
Shore Hardness83 Scale D83 Scale D
HDT @ 66 psi127 °F53 °C
HDT @ 264 psi122 °F50 °C

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Sterolithography Applications

Stereolithography Features

sla 3d printed controller smooth

Smooth Surface Finish

SLA parts have a smooth surface finish, comparable to injection molded parts, making SLA ideal for fit testing and aesthetic evaluation.

sla 3d printed detailed connectors

High Detail

Small layer heights, high resolution and high geometric  stability make stereolithography ideal for small, detailed parts.

sla 3d printed electronics case

Material Selection

Stereolithography offers a broad selection of materials designed to emulate standard production materials such as ABS, polycarbonate and polypropylene.