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Digitize Your Handmade Models

Our 3D scanning services are perfect for digitizing handmade organic geometry. We can use our 3D scanners to create an accurate 3D model from any object, whether it’s a sculpture, heirloom or historical artifact. Our 3D scanning technology is accurate enough to capture even the finest details of your model. We can even capture your model’s texture with our full-color scanning services.

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Organic 3D Scanning Capabilities

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Applications for Organic 3D Scanning

3D scanning can be used for a number of applications involving organic models, including history and the arts. Below are just a few examples of these types of applications. Here at 3 Space we have extensive experience in many of these and are happy to offer our expertise.


We frequently 3D scan clay sculptures here at 3 Space. Because 3D scanning is non-contact and non-destructive, we’re able to digitize your models while keeping the original intact. Once you have a 3D model of your work, there are a number of things you can do with it.

  • Enlarge small sculptures and cut from foam to reduce weight
  • Shrink sculptures so they can be replicated as souvenirs
  • Replicate damaged or broken sculptures
  • Modify sculptures with digital sculpting software


3D scanning can be used in conjunction with 3D printing to repair damaged heirlooms, musical instruments and more. We can 3D scan your model and digitally repair any damaged sections.

  • 3D print direct replacements, contoured to the original parts
  • 3D print master patterns for casting replacement parts
  • Use 3D printing to create a silicone mold


Historical artifacts can be 3D scanned to ensure preservation, enhance your research or aid in education. We can accurately reproduce the geometry and texture of your models.

  • Archive objects that might degrade over time
  • Explore details that might not be plainly visible
  • Create interactive displays for museum visitors