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Comprehensive Analysis for Your Parts

After 3D scanning your production parts, we can compare the scans to your original CAD design and check their tolerances. There are number of operations we an perform, including deviation maps and point inspection. This is one of the fastest ways to ensure that your parts are in spec and identify the cause of any production errors. Once the analysis is performed, results are delivered in a PDF report.

Deliverables: Comprehensive PDF Report

Lead Time: 1-2 Days Price: ■■■■■

Applications for Scan-to-CAD Analysis

3D Model Heatmap

By aligning scans of your production parts with your original CAD we can generate a 3D heatmap showing deviation between the two. This can give you a high-level view of where your parts are out of tolerance and give you an idea of what might causing it. When included in the PDF report, this feature shows your deviation map from several views along with the min, max and average deviation.

Point-to-Point Inspection

For a more in-depth analysis of your part, we can measure the deviation at any number of discrete points. This is done by comparing the coordinates of a given point on your scan to the corresponding point on your CAD. This can be used to ensure that any critical dimensions or features are within tolerance and troubleshoot the cause when they are out of tolerance.

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2D Planar Profile

In addition to a 3D deviation map, we can also inspect 2D cross-sections of your parts.  As with a 3D model, we can generate a deviation map and perform point inspection on these cross-sections giving you both high-level and detailed information about your part. This is ideal for inspecting the tolerances of symmetrical parts such as extrusions.

Compliant Reporting

The data generated by all of the above features is delivered in a comprehensive, customizable PDF report. With a PDF, you can easily disseminate information to colleagues or include the report as an addendum to your own  internal documentation. Click the button below to see an example report.

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