If you need low volume production or a large number of prototypes, 3D printed tooling could save you time and money. We can 3D print your tooling for less than the cost of machining, with typical turnaround times under 2 weeks.

At 3 Space, we’re 3D printing experts. We can help you optimize your tooling design for printing and help you select the right technology and material. If you’re printing a mold, we can even mold the parts for you. Contact us to start your project today.


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PolyJet | FDM | SLA | SLS

The cost-effectiveness and fast lead times of 3D printing make jigs and fixtures practical for projects where they might not have been previously, and allow for the production process to be optimized by changing the design on the fly.

Injection Molds

PolyJet Only

3D printed injection molds are capable of producing about 100 parts, with a lead time of days rather than weeks. That makes them great for testing the design of the mold and for low volume production.

Thermoform Molds

PolyJet | FDM | SLA | SLS

Because light gauge thermoforming is relatively non-destructive, a 3D printed thermoform mold can produce nearly as many parts as a metal mold, but for a fraction of the cost.

Master Patterns

PolyJet | FDM | SLA | SLS | ColorJet

Any of our 3D printed materials can be used as a master pattern for casting. 3D printed casting patterns allow for significantly more comlex geometry than is achievable with traditional machined or hand-made patterns.