In addition to 3D printed prototypes, 3 Space offers machining services for prototyping, field testing and production of end-use parts. We offer both CNC and manual machining services which include milling, turning, surface grinding and wire EDM.

Traditional machining gives our customers access to a wide selection of materials, ensuring that your part has the desired mechanical properties. Our low-volume machining services are ideal for prototyping, tooling, jigs and fixtures.

Turnaround time depends on volume and part complexity, but most orders ship within two weeks. Contact us with your project details to receive a quote.



Machining prototypes allows for virtually limitless material selection, including engineering plastics, metals, and composites. Machined prototypes offer higher precision and accuracy than any other production method.


We can facilitate high-volume production of machined parts with competitive turnaround and pricing. A number of finishing options are available for production machining.


3 Space offers design and machining services for jigs, fixtures, molds and patterns. Tooling can also be 3D printed for low-volume applications or bridge tooling.

Let’s Machine Something

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We offer 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC milling for a variety of both plastic and metal materials.


Turning parts on a CNC lathe allows for features such as drilling, tapping and grooves.

Wire EDM

Electrical discharge machining is a high-precision solution for producing complex geometry.

Surface Grinding

Surface grinding can produce high precision surfaces with exacting flatness and paralellism.

Finishing Options


Parts will be machined for best surface finish, deburred and shipped. Ideal for parts requiring tight tolerances.

Bead Blasted

Glass bead blasting gives your parts a matte finish while improving surface hardness and fatigue resistance.


A variety of surface finishes can be achieved by using different vibratory tumbling media. Ideal for small parts and large quantities.