What Can 3 Space Do for You?

You have a myriad of choices when it comes to selecting a vendor for the variety of services we offer. But at 3 Space, our team is intimately familiar with the assorted challenges and constraints of developing a product and we’re more than capable of helping you overcome them. We know what matters to you and we want to help you get it.

New Product Development

If you have an idea or need for a new product or part, but lack the tools or technical knowledge necessary to bring your project to fruition, 3 Space can help. With state-of-the-art design software and our advanced manufacturing capabilities, our engineers can take your project all the way from a napkin sketch to a market-ready product.

Whether you’re creating a brand new product, improving on an existing product our knowledgeable engineering staff can bring your ideas to life. If you’re making a form-fitting part, such as aftermarket accessory, our 3D scanning services can ensure a tight fit from the first design revision. And with our in-house 3D printing services, we can prototype your design and quickly make revisions.

3D scanning is incredibly useful if your part is an aftermarket accessory or something similar that must fit the shape of a product that's already on the market. We can accurately capture the geometry of the original part to use as the basis of your design.

3D Scanning

Once we've 3D scanned the original part, we can use reverse engineering software to convert the scan data to a CAD model. This allows us to ensure the fit of your design before prototyping, ultimately saving you the cost and time of several revisions.

Reverse Engineering

Our engineering staff can create a functional, manufacturable, and cost-effective design even if all you have is a napkin sketch. We have experience designing products across a number of industries, utilizing a variety of manufacturing processes and materials.

Design Engineering

With our in-house 3D printing capabilities, we can quickly prototype your design from a braod range of plastic and rubber-like materials. After we test the design, we can make any necessary revisions and proceed to manufacturing.

3D Printing

We offer a number of manufacturing services, including machining and molding. We can design and machine your tooling as well. We offer manufacturing both in-house and overseas to help save on cost.


Legacy Part Re-Creation

You might currently be manufacturing a part that you don’t have the original CAD for. Maybe the design predates CAD software or maybe you acquired the part in an acquisition. If you have parts like this you might find yourself needing CAD for them, either to modify the original design, or to use as a reference when addressing production issues or just to add to your archive for future use.

With our 3D scanning and reverse engineering services, we can easily turn your production parts into ready-to-use CAD. We can even get CAD from damaged parts, or from your tooling if you don’t have parts available. We can then 3D print the resulting CAD to ensure accuracy and roper fitment.

The first step in getting CAD from production parts is 3D scanning. With our 3D scanning services we can capture the geometry of your parts and create an accurate 3D model.

3D Scanning

The models produced by 3D scanning aren't ideal for every application. With reverse engineering, we can use the 3D scanned mesh to create real CAD models, such as step or iges files. Once we have proper CAD, we can even modify the original design to make improvements..

Reverse Engineering

We can then 3D print the resulting CAD model using one of our many in-house 3D printing technologies. This allows us to test the fit of the CAD model and make any revisions if necessary.

3D Printing