Our Services

We offer a variety of industrial services to help you tackle any project. From concept to production, we’re here to help at every step along the way. Whether you need prototypes or production parts, you can rely on us to deliver quality, value and excellent customer service. Click below to explore our services and see how 3 Space can be your go-to product development partner.

Our Services In Action

See how Roboworld was able to quickly and cost-effectively launch a new, innovative product line by leveraging the unique selection of services offered here at 3 Space. With both 3D scanning and 3D printing they were able to develop their product and bring it to market in less than 80 days.

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Any Problem – One Solution

With our end-to-end product development services, we can help you bring a new product to market, recreate discontinued parts, develop custom manufacturing aids and much more. By leveraging our extensive engineering experience and comprehensive selection of prototyping and manufacturing capabilities, we can help you overcome any challenge. Click the links below to see how our services fit together to help you get the job done.