Industrial 3D Scanning Services

Get Results in as Little as 48 Hours

Our Team can 3D scan your parts and turn them into CAD or help you fulfill your QA/QC needs

What can 3D scanning do for you?

Reverse Engineering

If you have a part that doesn’t have CAD, just send us the part and we’ll send you the CAD

Dimensional Inspection

We’ll compare 3D scans of production parts to the original CAD and find any deviations

Scanning Technologies

Read in-depth about the various 3D scanning technologies we offer here at 3 Space

How do our 3D scanning services work?

1. Receive Parts

First you’ll have to ship us your parts or drop them off if you’re local to us.

2. 3D Scanning

Once we receive your parts, we’ll scan them with our high-resolution 3D scanners.

3. Other Services

We can use the results of 3D scanning to either reverse engineer your part or perform an inspection.

4. Deliverables

Finally, we’ll send you the mesh produced by 3D scanning as well as the CAD for your part or the inspection report.

Our 3D Scanning Technologies

With our array of 3D scanning technologies, we’re able to 3D scan just about any part. Any size, any geometry, any level of detail. You can rely on our experienced technicians to get the job done.

Faro Laser Scanner
Probe Accuracy0.0013 in
Single Scan Accuracy0.0021 in
Full Scan Accuracy0.0051 in
Output FormatsSTL | PLY
Blue Light Scanner
Min Feature Size0.0020 - 0.0080 in
Single Scan Accuracy0.0003 - 0.0009 in
Full Scan Accuracy0.0001 in/in
Output FormatsSTL | PLY
White Light Scanner
Min Feature Size0.004 in
Single Scan Accuracy0.002 in
Full Scan Accuracy0.0075% / in
Textures1.3 MP
Output FormatsSTL | OBJ | PLY | WRL

Get CAD from Your Parts by the End of the Week

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Where does 3D scanning shine?

As compared to traditional metrology

  • Single-scan accuracy down to 0.0003 in

  • Nearly any size object can be scanned

  • Mechanical and organic geometry

  • All scanning is non-contact, non-destructive

What kind of parts can we 3D scan?

Molded Parts

3D scanning is ideal for molded plastic parts where the precision of a CMM machine is not necessary

Cast & Stamped

Cast and stamped metal parts are another great application for 3D scanning

Tool & Mold

3D scanning your tooling and comparing it to the original CAD can be used to identify wear

How does 3D scanning work?

If you would like to learn more, we’ve written an in-depth guide illustrating the principles of operation for a number of different 3D scanning technologies. We cover all of the technologies we offer as well as a few we do not.