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3D Scanning Services

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Our team can 3D scan your parts and turn them into CAD or help you fulfill your QA/QC needs

What can 3D scanning do for you?

Reverse Engineering

Turn parts into CAD with 3D scanning and reverse engineering. We can 3D scan your physical parts and use the resulting mesh to create a 3D model for production or design modification. We can even reverse engineer broken or damaged parts.

Dimensional Inspection

After 3D scanning your production parts, we can compare them to your original CAD design to ensure your parts are within tolerance and help identify the cause of any production errors. We can even perform analysis on your tooling to identify wear.

3D Scanning Technologies

Utilize one of our multiple scanning technologies available, including structured light, laser, touch probe, and more, to get the job done right. Read in-depth about the various 3D scanning technologies we offer here at 3 Space by clicking the link below.

How do our 3D scanning services work?

1. Receive Parts

First you’ll have to ship us your parts or drop them off if you’re local to us.

2. 3D Scanning

Once we receive your parts, we’ll scan them with our high-resolution 3D scanners.

3. Other Services

We can use the results of 3D scanning to either reverse engineer your part or perform an inspection.

4. Deliverables

Finally, we’ll send you the mesh produced by 3D scanning as well as the CAD for your part or the inspection report.

Our 3D Scanning Technologies

With our array of 3D scanning technologies, we’re able to 3D scan just about any part. Any size, any geometry, any level of detail. You can rely on our experienced technicians to get the job done.

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3D Scanning Advantages

3D scanning is the fastest way to accurately capture the geometry of a physical object, making it ideal for quickly identifying problems with production parts. And nothing is faster or more effective than 3D scanning for creating 3D models from a physical object.


Our full-color, high-resolution 3D scanners are capable of capturing the most detailed features of an object, providing detail and accuracy that other methods cannot. The resulting 3D model retains the exact contours and dimensions of the object, enabling you to use the file to modify the design, compare the scan to the original CAD, create form-fitting aftermarket parts, or recreate a discontinued product that might no longer be on the market. The models produced by 3D scanning are readily 3D printed and machined. They can also be converted to parametric CAD with our reverse engineering services.

High Resolution

Captures perfect detail with a scan resolution of 0.1mm and point accuracy of 0.05mm

Any Sizer

Capable of capturing objects as small as a coin and larger than a car


3D scanning can be performed at your facility by a member of our engineering team

Full Color

Scans objects in full color, with 24-bit, 1.3MP textures

Any Shape

Easily captures both mechanical and organic geometry


All scanning is non-contact and non-destructive

What kind of parts can we 3D scan?

Molded Parts

3D scanning is ideal for molded plastic parts where the precision of a CMM machine is not necessary and is a great way to quickly identify the cause of warping, shrinkage, and other production errors. Most of the parts we scan here at 3 Space are molded plastic. With scan-to-CAD analysis, we can help you pinpoint where and why your parts are out of tolerance.

Cast & Stamped

Cast and stamped metal parts are another great application for 3D scanning. With 3D scanning, you can quickly check the tolerances of your cast parts. Compared to traditional methods, 3D scanning allows you to capture millions of points in a short amount of time, rather than just taking a handful of measurements. 3D Scanning is also accurate enough to capture the detail of parts with thin wall thicknesses, such as stamped parts. And because there is no real size restriction, 3D scanning is perfect for large automotive stampings.

Tool & Mold

By 3D scanning your tooling, we can help you identify wear or failure points before it happens. With our reverse engineering services, we can easily re-create part CAD from your tooling even if it has wear or broken features. From there, you can alter the design for any production changes and produce new tooling as needed with 3D printing’s print on demand capabilities.

How does 3D scanning work?

If you would like to learn more, we’ve written an in-depth guide illustrating the principles of operation for a number of different 3D scanning technologies. We cover all of the technologies we offer as well as a few we do not.