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Quick-Turn Industrial 3D Scanning

Our full-color, high-resolution 3D scanning services can help you create a digital model from a physical object by capturing the exact contours and dimensions of the object. This model accurately reflects the geometry of the real-world object, enabling you to modify the design, compare the scan to the original CAD, create form-fitting aftermarket parts, or recreate a discontinued product that might no longer be on the market.

With 3D scanning, you can easily digitize handmade prototypes, recreate discontinued parts, and design aftermarket parts or accessories. The models produced by 3D scanning are readily 3D printed and machined. They can also be converted to parametric CAD with our reverse engineering services. At 3 Space, we most frequently use blue light 3D scanners, so our 3D scanning services are non-contact and non-destructive.

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3D Scanning Secondary Services

Advantages and Benefits of 3D Scanning

3D scanning is the fastest way to accurately capture the geometry of a physical object, making it ideal for quickly identifying problems with production parts. And nothing is faster or more effective than 3D scanning for creating CAD models from a physical object. Our high-resolution 3D scanner is capable of capturing the most detailed features of an object, providing detail and accuracy that other methods cannot.

Our 3D Scanning Technologies

At 3 Space we use structured light 3D scanners for both full-color and inspection applications. Compared to laser scanners, structured light offers significant improvements in both speed and accuracy. And because structured light takes individual scans very quickly, it is less susceptible to inaccuracies due to environmental disturbances.

Basic Inspection
Min Feature Size0.192 mm
Single Scan Accuracy0.025 mm
Full Scan Accuracy0.10 mm/m
Output FormatsSTL | PLY
HD Inspection
Min Feature Size0.12 mm
Single Scan Accuracy0.016 mm
Full Scan Accuracy0.10 mm/m
Output FormatsSTL | PLY
UHD Inspection
Min Feature Size0.048 mm
Single Scan Accuracy0.007 mm
Full Scan Accuracy0.10 mm/m
Output FormatsSTL | PLY
Color Scanning
Min Feature Size0.1 mm
Single Scan Accuracy0.05 mm
Full Scan Accuracy0.03% / 10 cm
Textures1.3 MP
Output FormatsSTL | OBJ | PLY | WRL

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3D Scanning Industry Applications

While the potential applications for 3D scanning are limitless, 3 Space has extensive experience 3D scanning for the automotive, medical and robotics industries. 3D scanning’s speed, accuracy and diverse applications — whether it’s creating replacement parts, custom tooling or troubleshooting production issues — makes it ideal for these fast-paced, demanding industries.

Molded Parts

Most of the parts we scan here at 3 Space are molded plastic. 3D scanning is a great way to quickly identify the cause of warping, shrinkage and other production errors. With scan-to-cad analysis, we can help you pinpoint where and why your parts are out of tolerance.

  • Injection Molded Parts
  • Compression Molded Parts
  • Blow Molded Parts
  • Silicone Molded Parts

Cast Parts

With 3D scanning, you can quickly check the tolerances of your cast parts. Compared to traditional methods, 3D scanning allows you to capture millions of points in a short amount of time, rather than just taking a handful of measurements.

  • Investment Casting
  • Sand Casting
  • Pattern Casting
  • Die Casting

Stamped Parts

3D Scanning is accurate enough to capture the detail of parts with thin wall thicknesses, such as stamped parts. And because there is no real size restriction, 3D scanning is perfect for large automotive stampings.

  • Body Panels
  • Drivetrain Pans
  • Subframe Assemblies
  • Precision Stamped Parts

Tooling Inspection

Tooling can be 3D scanned just as easily as any part. By 3D scanning your tooling, we can help you identify wear or failure points before it happens. With our reverse engineering services, we can easily re-create part CAD from your tooling.

  • Tooling Analysis
  • Broken/Worn Tools
  • Legacy Parts

Organic Models

3D scanning can easily capture organic geometry. We can digitize artwork, turn handmade prototypes into CAD, scan historical artifacts for  research and preservation and more. With our 3D printing services, we can even quickly replicate these parts.

  • Handmade Prototypes
  • Sculptures
  • Heirlooms
  • Historical Artifacts