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Industrial 3D Printing for Any Application

Here at 3 Space, our industrial 3D printing services are at the core of our product development pipeline. 3D printing allows us to quickly test new design iterations, produce jigs and fixtures on the fly and even produce end-use parts in some cases. By providing our customers with access to a wide array of 3D printing technologies and materials, we can help you overcome a variety of challenges. Contact us today to learn how our 3D printing services can accelerate your development process and reduce your time to market.

3D Printing Technologies

3 Space offers a complete selection of 3D printing technologies for any application. Our comprehensive 3D printing services give you access to a complete range of both rigid plastic and flexible, rubber-like materials. We can produce parts with a smooth surface finish for cosmetic prototypes, or we can produce parts from durable thermoplastics for more demanding applications.

PolyJet produces detailed prototypes with a smooth surface finish. PolyJet parts can be printed in both plastic and rubber-like materials. Polyjet can even print a single part out of multiple materials, allowing features such as gaskets or overmolding to be simulated.

Surface: Smooth Detail: ■■■■
Strength:■■■■ Price: ■■■■■
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Stereolithography (SLA) is capable of accurately reproducing even the most detailed parts and features. SLA parts have a relatively smooth surface finish. A variety of materials are available, including simulated ABS, PC, Polypropylene and more.

Surface: Light Ridges Detail: ■■■■■
Strength:■■■■ Price: ■■■■
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Because they are made with standard thermoplastics, FDM parts are durable and heat resistant. FDM is great for functional prototypes, fixtures and end-use parts. Available FDM materials include ABS, Polycarbonate, Nylon and Ultem.

Surface: Layer Lines Detail: ■■■■■
Strength:■■■■■ Price: ■■■■■
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Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) produces highly durable parts with detailed features. Parts are printed by using a laser to fuse layers of powdered nylon. In addition to standard nylons, glass and aluminum-filled nylons are also available.

Surface: Grainy Detail: ■■■■
Strength:■■■■■ Price: ■■■■■
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3D Printing Advantages

In the right circumstances, 3D printing presents a variety of advantages and benefits over traditional manufacturing methods. For the applications listed above, machining and molding simply can not compare to 3D printing in terms of price and lead time.

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3D Printing Applications

Rapid Prototyping

The most common application for 3D printing is rapid prototyping. There’s nothing as fast or as cost-effective as 3D printing for prototyping plastic parts. With the wide variety of technologies and materials available, we can 3D print both cosmetic and functional prototypes.

  • The durability of both FDM and SLS parts make them ideal for functional prototypes
  • PolyJet and SLA can produce parts with a surface finish that appears injection-molded- great for cosmetic prototypes
  • 3D printed parts are a great way to fit test your assemblies and make changes as needed

Jigs and Fixtures

3D printing can provide a fast, cost-effective alternative to machining and molding for creating custom jigs and fixtures. With fast lead times and no upfront cost, 3D printed jigs and fixtures can be produced on-demand, for a relatively low unit cost.

  • 3D printing is a great way to make simple Go/No-Go fixtures
  • 3D printed fixtures can help you speed up the assembly of your final product

End-Use Parts

In some cases, 3D printing may be the fastest, most cost-effect solution for producing your end-use parts. With FDM and SLS, you parts can be as durable as you need them to be. And with PolyJet and SLA they can have the appearance of injection-molded parts.

  • If you only need a small number of parts, 3D printing is great for low-volume production
  • 3D printed parts are ideal for field testing your product before cutting your tooling