Why Choose 3 Space?

You have a myriad of choices when it comes to selecting a vendor for the variety of services we offer. But at 3 Space, our team is intimately familiar with the assorted challenges and constraints of developing a product and we’re more than capable of helping you overcome them. We know what matters to you and we want to help you get it.

Speed- Accelerate Your Development Cycle

For the majority of projects we work on, time is the single most important factor. Time is money and being held up at any point in your development cycle is costly. Maybe you’re experiencing problems on your production floor, such warped parts. Or maybe you just need to prototype your design so you can start production and get your product to market as quickly as possible. At 3 Space, we’re no stranger to tight deadlines and we’re always able to deliver.

Value- Accomplish More

We strive to provide value to our customers, not just by way of your bottom line, but by expanding your capabilities and ensuring a hassle-free experience. We want to make your life easier by delivering quality parts, designs and data, but also by adding value to your own design and development processes. When you partner with 3 Space, you’re adding our infrastructure of equipment, experience and customer service to your own capabilities.

Expertise- Giving You Peace of Mind

If you’re having problems with your project or aren’t sure where to go next, our expert staff can help. Whether you’re trying to select the right material or having difficulty getting your design to work, we have the experience to get the job done. Regardless of the application or industry, you can rely on us to help you make the right decisions for your project.