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3D Printing and 3D Scanning Services

3 Space offers industrial 3D printing and 3D scanning services for a variety of applications. We work with professionals from a variety of industries, including automotive, robotics, consumer products, medical devices and more. We’re committed to providing value and excellent customer service. Contact us today and get the parts or data you need.

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3D Scanning Services

With our 3D scanning services, you can meet your QA/QC needs by comparing 3D scans of production parts to the original CAD. 3D scanning and reverse engineering also allow you to turn physical parts into useable CAD.
3D Scanning

We use cutting edge technology to digitize your physical parts

3D Printing

Get prototypes and low-volume parts from a wide range of materials

3D Printing Services

We give our customers access to a variety of industrial 3D printing technologies and a diverse selection of materials. With 3D printing, you can quickly test design iterations, produce manufacturing aids on the fly and even produce end-use parts in some cases.

Get the Parts and Data You Need

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Which 3D Printing Technology is Right for You?

Fused Deposition Modelling

FDM produces parts from standard thermoplastics, making it great for functional prototypes and end-use parts


PolyJet features a variety of rigid and rubber-like materials and can even make a single part out of multiple materials


MultiJet is the highest-resolution 3D printing service we offer, ideal for tiny parts with detailed features.

What can 3D scanning do for you?

Reverse Engineering

If you have a part that doesn’t have CAD, just send us the part and we’ll send you the CAD

Part Inspection

We’ll compare 3D scans of production parts to the original CAD and find any deviations

Scanning Technologies

Read in-depth about the various 3D scanning technologies we offer here at 3 Space