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///MultiJet 3D Printing Services
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Extremely Detailed Parts

MultiJet produces rigid plastic parts from photocurable resins, similar to PolyJet and SLA. It features the highest resolutions we offer for 3D printed parts as well as a smooth surface finish. MultiJet’s exceptional resolution makes it ideal for applications requiring high detail and accuracy, such as fit testing small connectors.

  • As fast as 3 Days
  • Starting at $100
  • Up to 12″x7″x8″
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Exceptional Resolution

With an XY resolution of 750 DPI and layer heights as low as 0.0006″, MultiJet the highest-resolution 3D printing service we offer. MultiJet is capable of producing highly detailed features and can even print functional assemblies.

Smooth Surface Finish

Like PolyJet and stereolithography, MuliJet parts have a smooth surface finish similar to injection molded parts. This makes MultiJet ideal for fit testing and cosmetic prototypes.

Bake-Away Support Material

Support material for most 3D printing technologies must be removed either manually or chemically. MultiJet features bake-away support material which allows for small features that would otherwise be destroyed in post-processing.