High tolerance 3D printing

  • Highest tolerance 3D printing technology we offer

  • Able to replicate extremely detailed features

  • Smooth surface finish, like injection-molded parts

  • Ideal for fit testing and cosmetic prototypes

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How MultiJet Works

MultiJet is a material jetting technology, much like PolyJet. Both technologies are derivative of stereolithography in that they produce parts from photopolymers which are cured by UV light.

1. Solid material is heated up and melted in the printer
2. Liquid material is fed into the print head
3. Print head deposits material in grid of hundreds of tiny droplets
4. Each layer of liquid material is solidified via exposure to UV light

MultiJet Design Guide

We’ve written an in-depth guide to help you design parts to be 3D printed with MultiJet. We’ve covered everything from maximum build volume to designing functional assemblies.

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