Rigid and Rubber-Like Materials

  • Variety of both rigid and rubber materials

  • Able to 3D print single part from multiple materials

  • Surface finish as smooth as injection-molded parts

  • Ideal for cosmetic prototypes

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How PolyJet Works

PolyJet is a material jetting technology, much like MultiJet. Both PolyJet and MultiJet are derivative of stereolithography in that they produce parts from photopolymers which are cured by UV light.

1. Photopolymer material is liquid at room temperature
2. Two materials can be used to print a single part
3. Material is pumped into the print head
4. Print head deposits material in array of tiny droplets
5. Layers of liquid photopolymer are solidified via exposure to UV light

PolyJet Design Guide

Our in-depth design guide will help ensure your parts can be printed with PolyJet. We cover basic features like wall thickness as well as saving out designs to be printed with multiple materials.

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