Compare parts to their original CAD

  • Fulfill your FAI/PPAP requirements

  • Perform ongoing quality control

  • Troubleshoot out-of-spec parts

  • Identify tooling wear before it happens

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How does dimensional inspection with 3D scanning work?


1. 3D Scan

Once we receive your parts, we’ll scan them with our high-resolution 3D scanners.

2. CAD Overlay

After your parts are scanned, we’ll align them with your original design in our analysis software.

3. Inspection

We then perform the dimensional inspection, generating a deviation map and callouts for critical dimensions.

4. PDF Report

Finally, we will generate a custom PDF report listing all of the data we’ve gathered.

What are the applications?

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What data can be compared?

Part-to-CAD Comparison

We can overlay a 3D scan of your production part onto the original CAD and identify and devia